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KOMPANin asiantuntijoiden pitämistä webinaareista saat vinkkejä ja tietoa, joiden avulla pystyt saamaan parhaan mahdollisen vastineen leikki- ja liikunta-alueille tekemillesi investoinneille. Ilmoittaudu alla olevien linkkien kautta mukaan niihin webinaareihin, joiden aihe on sinulle ajankohtaisin ja kiinnostavin. Alla listatut webinaarit pidetään englanniksi.


How to Create Play
for Young Brains?

19. elokuuta klo 07:00 - Ilmoittaudu tästä

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19. elokuuta klo 20:00 - Ilmoittaudu tästä




New research and practice-based findings have revealed great ways to create playgrounds that evoke young children’s curiosity and motivate explorative play. 

This webinar will share findings and cases. We will discuss how playgrounds can cater for social, dramatic and physical play that stimulates thinking skills. 

Kesto: 60 min.

Puhujat: Jeanette Fich Jespersen & Dr. Suzanne Quinn



6 Tips For Designing Inclusive Playgrounds

9. syyskuuta klo 07:00 - Ilmoittaudu tästä

9. syyskuuta klo 11:00 - Ilmoittaudu tästä

9. syyskuuta klo 20:00 - Ilmoittaudu tästä

How can communities best accommodate for play for children and families with disabilities, without disproportionate costs? How can communities meet children’s needs for thrill and physical activity in playgrounds without excluding users with disabilities? Join this seminar to get answers and learn 6 important design principles when planning play for all.

Kesto: 45 min.

Puhuja: Jeanette Fich Jespersen



10 Tips for Active Play in Nursery and Preschool Playgrounds

7. lokakuuta klo 07:00 - Ilmoittaudu tästä

7. lokakuuta klo 11:00 - Ilmoittaudu tästä

7. lokakuuta klo 20:00 - Ilmoittaudu tästä

180 minutes of physical, non-sedentary activity a day. This is the new 2019 minimum recommendation from the World Health Organization for children under 5 years. The recommendation prescribes play as the main physical activity for young children. So how do you design for active play in your kindergarten?

Join this webinar to learn 10 tips of attraction, retention and development in activity-inspiring playgrounds for children from 1-5 years.

Kesto: 45 min.

Puhuja: Jeanette Fich Jespersen



Get Inspiration For Your Next Unique Playground Design

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Areas have unique histories, unique stories, unique surroundings, or unique users. So a school may want their play sculpture to symbolize wisdom and learning. A local community may want their play sculpture to tell a story about the community, connecting one generation to the next.

Three designers/architects from KOMPAN Design Studio give their inspiration and ideas as to how we can help you design that special play landmark and special theme that WOWs and excites the entire community.

Kesto: 45 min.

Puhujat: Nikolaj Maj Bentsen, Samantha Jeffrey & Sophie Lambert



How to Improve Your Business Towards Families

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Are families a key customer in your business? Attracting and retaining families can go beyond your core product. Research show that design of your facility is key for children not wanting to leave, parents to spend more and to get the best reviews.

Join this webinar to learn why a playground is a profitable investment and how to make sure it will boost revenue for your store, restaurant or other family-oriented business. 

Kesto: 45 min.

Puhuja: Alexandre Reynaud


Play Sculptures that bring
Locations to Life

26. elokuuta klo 07:00 - Ilmoittaudu tästä

26. elokuuta klo 11:00 - Ilmoittaudu tästä

26. elokuuta klo 20:00 - Ilmoittaudu tästä




Join this webinar to get great tips on how to bring your customized wooden playground dream to life with a Robinia Play Sculpture. Based on real case stories, our team will take you through all details of the entire process, from idea to installation. We also zoom in on Robinia wood itself to learn more about its aesthetics, durability, sustainability and flexibility.

Kesto: 45 min.

Puhujat: Nikolaj Maj Bentsen, Robert Machálek & Roman Czinege



Importance of Product Safety for Outdoor Play and Fitness

16. syyskuuta klo 11:00 - Ilmoittaudu tästä




Children loves to be challenged, but what about safety. The questions are many; Can risk at the playground be positive? Who has the responsibility in case of incidents? What is certification?

Join this webinar to get an understanding of the product safety standards for outdoor play and fitness, and why certified products makes a difference. 

NOTICE: session will have special attention to the European safety standards.

Kesto: 45 min.

Puhuja: Joan Pedersen



How To Create Great Outdoor Fitness Spaces



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Outdoor Fitness has gone through a tremendous development since it was introduced in the 2000s. Thousands of outdoor fitness sites have been created. Some locations are being used very well, yet most locations are used too little. In this webinar you will learn what needs to be considered when planning a fitness site in the public space and how you can create a fitness site, which will be used by people of all ages and abilities.

Kesto: 45 min.

Puhuja: Rob Boogmans



Make Health Available to Prevent Future Disease

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Outdoor fitness has advantages compared to traditional indoor fitness. Especially in settings with focus on public health and minimum disease transmission. 

Join this webinar to learn about the advantages of outdoor fitness and what an investment in outdoor fitness can do for the health of your community.

Kesto: 45 min.

Puhujat: Morten Zacho & Rob Boogmans



6 Tips To Increase T(w)een Physical Activity With Play

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On a global scale, only around 23% of all 11-17-year-olds meet the minimum recommendations for physical activity. This is the more devastating, as tweens and teens repeatedly state that they like playful physical activity. They like outdoor play and play areas, as long as the design accommodates for them, not only younger children. 

Join this webinar to learn new insights and evidence around teenage play and get six tips for creating playful physical activity areas for ages 10+ years.

Kesto: 45 min.

Puhuja: Jeanette Fich Jespersen


Next Level Fitness Sites
for Parks and Cities

2. syyskuuta klo 07:00 - Ilmoittaudu tästä

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30. syyskuuta klo 07:00 - Ilmoittaudu tästä

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Outdoor fitness in parks and cities has been around for decades. Often, sites are created based on a misconception of what is good enough, resulting in a poor user experience. Using new insights, sites can be created with a high degree of functionality, diversity and user attraction.

This webinar will highlight the difference between yesterdays and tomorrows fitness sites and provide guidelines on designing and implementing sites based on contexts and user groups.

Kesto: 45 min.

Puhujat: Morten Zacho & Rob Boogmans



10 Tips for Active Play in School Playgrounds

23. syyskuuta klo 07:00 - Ilmoittaudu tästä

23. syyskuuta klo 11:00 - Ilmoittaudu tästä

23. syyskuuta klo 20:00 - Ilmoittaudu tästä

A minimum of 60 minutes a day physical activity for children from 6-12 years. And the primary physical activity is play. That is the recommendation of the World Health Association. Most 6-12 year-olds struggle to meet the minimum requirement. Join this webinar to learn 10 points to consider to make your next playground design unique in attraction, retention and fun physical play activity for 6-12 year-olds.

Kesto: 45 min.

Puhuja: Jeanette Fich Jespersen



Nature Play
– Importance and Design



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Nature Deficit Disorder is a term coined to describe the nature deprivation, which many children growing up in urban environments experience.

Join this webinar to learn about the natural experiences children need to grow, the benefits of nature and not least, some fascinating cases of natural play environments with play equipment that compliment them. 

Kesto: 60 min.

Puhujat: Dr. Suzanne Quinn & Jeanette Fich Jespersen



Tips On Promoting Active Ageing In The Outdoors

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With aging follows a physiological decline and increased risk of life-style-related diseases and falling, but this can to a large extent be postponed or reduced through exercise.

In this webinar, you will learn about what recent studies say about healthy aging, why seniors need to be taken into consideration when planning a public fitness site, and what needs to be considered when planning a fitness site for seniors.

Kesto: 45 min.

Puhujat: Morten Zacho & Rob Boogmans



Get People Active With Effective Outdoor Fitness

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In this webinar you will hear about the difference between effective and ineffective outdoor exercise equipment and why KOMPANs new concept for cardio training increases user engagement, site effectiveness, and public health outcome.

Kesto: 45 min.

Puhujat: Morten Zacho & Rob Boogmans



Meet the presenters



Jeanette Fich Jespersen

Head of KOMPAN Play Institute

Jeanette has 20 years’ experience in researching, developing and advocating playground play and has served on the scientific and organizing boards on several international conferences on child friendly city planning. She has authored numerous white papers and articles on the topics of inclusive and universal design, play and child development, and play rights in a globalizing world.

Jeanette is an MA of philology and has teaching and research experience from universities and colleges in Germany and Denmark. She is the vice president of the European Network for Child Friendly Cities. She is the vice president of the International Play Association, Denmark. She is a member of the advisory board of the Centre for Sports and Learning at the University of Southern Denmark. 



Dr. Suzanne Quinn

KOMPAN Play Institute Manager, Americas

Suzanne has over 20 years experience as an educator, early years practitioner, teacher educator, and researcher. She is the co-editor of The Routledge Handbook of International Perspectives on Early Childhood Education (2018) with J. Roopnarine, J. Johnson, and M. Patte and Living with Children: A Froebelian Approach to Working with Families and Communities (2019) edited by Tina Bruce, P. Elfer, S. Powell and L. Werth, as well as several empirical articles and chapters in peer reviewed publications.



Morten Zacho

Senior Manager, KOMPAN Fitness Institute

Morten is Teaching Associate Professor at the University of Southern Denmark in the Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics.

He also manages the KOMPAN Fitness Institute with great focus on implementing knowledge, trends, scientific research and functional tests in the innovation of new outdoor fitness.

Previously, Morten has worked at international recognized research institutions and has co-authorship on 17 peer-reviewed scientific publications.



Rob Boogmans

Sales Director, KOMPAN Fitness

Rob is educated as Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer, and he has more than 20 years of experience in fitness.

He has been a pioneer in outdoor fitness since 2008 when he founded Standing-Strong Outdoor Fitness. Standing-Strong was the first company to introduce adjustable and functional training in the outdoor environment. By 2010 Standing-Strong was market leader in outdoor fitness in Benelux and had multiple patented solutions.

In 2014 Standing-Strong was taken over by KOMPAN and in 2015 Rob Boogmans joined KOMPAN to start the KOMPAN Fitness Institute and develop the new outdoor fitness product lines. Since 2015 KOMPAN has created more than 1000 new outdoor fitness sites and is widely recognized as the most innovative and professional company in outdoor fitness.



Nikolaj Maj Bentsen

Chief Designer, KOMPAN Product Innovation

Nikolaj has a master’s degree in Architecture specializing in Industrial Design, and he has been working in the industrial design field, developing a broad variety of products, for more than 20 years. He joined KOMPAN in 2013 and has since been responsible of a wide range of products within fitness and play. Recently, Nikolaj has been engaged in the development of KOMPAN Design Studio.



Samantha Jeffrey

Head of Product Solution Team, KOMPAN Design Studio in Berlin

Samantha has an MA in Design of Playing and Learning, and she has worked as an industrial designer. For more than 11 years, her main attention has been playground designs in Europe, USA and Australia. Her role is to lead the design team in finding creative ways to realize customized playground projects based on highly tailor-made rope solutions.



Sophie Lambert

Custom Designer, KOMPAN Design Studio

Sophie has a background as a civil engineer specialized in product development. Her beginning at KOMPAN focused at developing new activities and new product lines, but she is now one of the creative minds designing customized playgrounds based on GIANT play towers. The aim is always to design playful, themed and customized playgrounds that makes a statement in the landscape while driving play and child development.



Alexandre Reynaud

Deputy Managing Director, KOMPAN Commercial Systems

Alexandre has a master’s degree in Economics specializing in International Business, and he has been working in the Leisure and Playgrounds industry for more than 15 years. After joining KOMPAN in 2009, he has been responsible of many kinds of projects within the retail and leisure industries.



Joan Pedersen

Product Safety Manager, KOMPAN

Member of the ASTM committee for ASTM F1487.

Member of the Danish working group for developing EN1176 and other related standards.

Joan has a background as mechanical engineer and several years of work in the machinery industry. After joining KOMPAN's engineering team in 1996, she gradually took more product safety responsibility. Since 2003, she has been responsible for KOMPAN product safety involving product evaluation, test, certification, training and after sales support.

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